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Excellence in the creation and
execution of Christmas lighting projects.

We make a difference

Orange Christmas stands out for its innovation, creativity and quality in carrying out projects that revitalize and illuminate different environments with scenarios and light effects, using differentiated and personalized products with cutting-edge technology and high quality standards.

Formed by lighting designers specialized in Artistic and Decorative lighting, Orange Christmas proposes bold solutions for different types of environments and segments with the most modern and original in Christmas lighting for the public and private market.

Exclusive partnership in Florida

Today we have the support of great partners such as American Christmas and MK Illumination, companies that together have more than 50 years of history and tradition in Christmas lighting around the world. From now on we will have in our portfolio MK Ilumination products exclusively for Florida. We can contribute our experience in Christmas Lighting and help you bring the excitement of Christmas to your project.

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Great things we did! Check out some of our work in Christmas lighting for the public and private market here!