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About Us


A new option for your Christmas Lighting

We are a new company, but we already have experience in Christmas lighting. Founded by its partners Marcio Landim and Barbara Faustino, professionals with extensive experience in Christmas lighting projects in cities and commercial products. Orange Christmas was created with the aim of offering modern and innovative market projects, without losing tradition. We are a local company with a global mindset.


Orange Christmas was created from the idea of being a reference in Christmas lighting, a Florida company working for Florida. We know the challenges, but we are ready to overcome them and place Florida as the main tourist center focused on Christmas lighting in the USA.


Marcio Landim


After 17 years of working with Christmas lighting in Brazil, where he was born, Marcio has always wanted to see the world and break new ground.

In 2006, when he first visited the US, the possibility of bringing his experience in Christmas lighting was considered, and from there he turned that desire into a goal.

In the last 17 years of operation in Brazil, many projects have been carried out, where he has worked in 5 states simultaneously, serving malls, private companies, cities and much more. These were years of hard work and growth, after all, it is not easy to serve a country the size of Brazil.

Now your challenge is to apply all your knowledge in the USA. “We are firm and strong with Orange Christmas, seeking to meet the needs of the market, relying on our experience and knowledge in major end-of-year events”. says Marcio.


Barbara Faustino


Graduated in Graphic Design and with an MBA in Marketing and Administration with business management, she brings the experience of more than 20 years working in this market. With extensive experience in Public Lighting, she brings to the business extensive technical and administrative knowledge of the lighting sector.

At Orange Christmas, in addition to being responsible for the company’s administration, she also contributes with her design background in the creation and management of holiday lighting projects at the end of the year, making our team more qualified and prepared for new challengers.